Best Jewelry for Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

I see you’ve chosen an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for your big day. Oooh, fabulous choice, my friend! This style is timeless, feminine, and just a touch daring. It elegantly exposes your décolletage and shoulders, making it the perfect canvas for some stunning jewelry pieces.

But with so many options out there, where do we start? That’s what I’m here to help with!

Delicate Necklaces

When it comes to accessorizing an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, the neckline takes center stage. You want to go for something that’s light and graceful, yet has just enough of a statement to it. The key here is balance, ladies. A delicate pendant or a simple diamond necklace can be an absolute stunner.

Opt for a necklace that falls just at the base of your throat – think “princess length“. This not only fills the open neckline beautifully but also draws attention upwards, highlighting your radiant smile.

Who is it best for

Delicate necklaces? They’re for brides who love simple and elegant looks. Perfect if you don’t want too much bling, but still want to shine!

How to Wear Delicate Necklaces

To wear a delicate necklace, keep balance in mind. If your dress has lots of details or sparkles, a simple necklace will look amazing. Try a necklace that sits just around your neck—it will draw your eyes up to your beautiful smile.

How to Store Delicate Necklaces

Storing these little beauties can be tricky. You want to avoid tangles, right? So, store them separately from other jewelry. A special box or even small bags work wonders.

Laying them flat is the way to go. If there’s a pendant, let it sit at the bottom so it doesn’t scratch the chain. And remember, no damp places—humidity is a necklace’s worst enemy! A gentle wipe after each wear and a proper clean now and then will keep them looking fresh and fabulous.


What’s that, Do you want to push the style envelope a little further? Enter the choker. This nostalgic piece has made a glamorous comeback in recent years. Chokers, particularly ones made of pearls or delicate lace, can be a match made in heaven for your off-the-shoulder gown. They sit high on your neck and add an unexpected yet elegant twist to your bridal look.

Who is it best for

Chokers are great for brides who want to add a touch of modern chic or vintage glam to their look. They’re awesome for adding drama and drawing attention to your face and neck. If you have a long neck or a heart-shaped face, chokers can look especially gorgeous on you!

How to Wear Chokers

Wear a choker that sits snugly around your neck. It creates an elegant line from your shoulders to your face. With an off-the-shoulder dress, a pearl or lace choker can add a romantic touch. And remember, if you’re wearing a choker, you might want to go for smaller earrings to keep the focus on your neck.

How to Store Chokers

Storing chokers is easy-peasy. Lay them flat in a jewelry box to keep their shape. If your choker has any delicate details, make sure they’re not squashed or bent. And, just like with delicate necklaces, keep them clean and away from dampness for a long and shiny life!

Drop or Dangle Earrings

The off-the-shoulder style opens up your face and exposes your neck, giving you the perfect opportunity to showcase some lovely drop or dangle earrings. You could go for diamond or pearl danglers, which are always a classic choice. Or, why not try some colorful gemstones for a pop of color? Remember, though, if your earrings are long and dramatic, you might want to go easy on the necklace.


Since your shoulders and arms are bare, a bracelet can be a wonderful accessory to add to your bridal ensemble. A diamond tennis bracelet or a vintage pearl cuff can be absolutely beautiful. It’s a subtle touch that can add that extra sparkle. But, here’s a tip: If you’ve got a voluminous, princess-style dress, opt for a more delicate bracelet. And if your dress is sleek and simple, a chunky statement bracelet could be just the thing.

How to Style Bracelets with an Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress:

An off-the-shoulder dress really shows off your arms, making a bracelet an eye-catching accessory. You’ve got two ways to go here: delicate or bold.

1. Delicate Bracelet: If your dress is elaborate or has lots of details, a delicate bracelet can be a subtle touch of sparkle. A thin diamond or pearl bracelet can add just enough shine without stealing the show.

2. Bold Bracelet: If your dress is more on the simple side, a bold bracelet can really pop. Think chunky, statement pieces, maybe even with some color. This can add a unique twist to your look.

Personalize Your Look

That’s my guide to accessorizing your off-the-shoulder wedding dress. Whether you decide to go with a delicate pendant, a classy choker, stunning drop earrings, or a beautiful bracelet, I’m certain you’ll look absolutely breathtaking. Here’s to you feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself on your special day! And remember, whatever you choose, wear it with confidence and a smile because those are the best accessories any bride can wear.

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