Best Designer White Sneaker Brands for Women

White sneakers are the undisputed champions of the fashion universe. They’re not just a pair of shoes; they’re a blank canvas for self-expression, a defining symbol of laid-back luxe, and the ultimate answer to modern women’s craving for fashion-forward practicality. But, not all white sneakers are created equal. The universe of designer sneakers opens up a whole new realm of chic sophistication, craftsmanship, and unique aesthetic appeal.

In the labyrinth of fashion trends that come and go, the rise of the white sneaker has been both steady and exceptional. It is a refreshing testament to the beauty of timeless, uncomplicated fashion, and a subtle nod to the sporty roots of sneaker culture. As the lines between casual and formal attire continue to blur, these once humble gym essentials have been given a chic makeover by luxury fashion houses, turning them into coveted style staples that effortlessly complete any outfit.

Editors Pick

BalenciagaBalenciaga’s ‘Triple S’ is the ultimate expression of style and durability, worth every penny for the daring fashionista.

Golden GooseGolden Goose’s ‘Superstar’ sneakers marry distinctive style with comfort, making them an investment that your feet will thank you for.

Are white shoes still in style in 2023?

Let’s be honest, there’s something uniquely compelling about a fresh pair of white shoes. They bring a sense of lightness, brightness, and a touch of chic simplicity to any look. They’ve been spotted time and again on runways, red carpets, and street-style shots, proving their undying popularity in the fashion world.

In 2023, white shoes continue to rule the roost. They’ve kept up with changing trends and have incorporated some of the hottest fashion movements. Think sustainable materials, chunky platforms, and creative, artistic embellishments. This year, we’re seeing a delightful mix of tradition and innovation in white shoe designs.

Designer brands and high-street labels alike are still investing their creative energies into white footwear, crafting shoes that embody elegance and comfort. From crisp white boots and classic loafers to the perennially adored white sneakers, there’s a white shoe out there to suit every woman’s personal style.

Designer White Sneaker Brands for Women

Golden Goose

Golden Goose, an Italian high-fashion brand, is renowned for its artful blend of casual streetwear and luxury detailing. Their white sneakers, especially the ‘Superstar’ line, stand out with their unique distressed appearance and star emblem. Every pair feels lived-in yet luxurious, making them a favorite among fashion influencers and celebrities.

Golden Goose has a special place in our hearts, doesn’t it? There’s something charmingly unconventional about their distressed ‘Superstar’ sneakers that makes us fall in love over and over again. It’s like they’ve already walked a million stylish miles before reaching us, giving us the confidence to strut our stuff, no matter where our feet take us.


Ah, Gucci! Just saying the name feels luxurious, doesn’t it? And their ‘Ace’ line of white sneakers carries the same opulence. These are the kind of sneakers that effortlessly elevate any outfit. They’re perfect for those days when we need a bit of extra pep in our step, a little more confidence, or a reminder that we’re worth that luxury!

Common Projects

Minimalist and classy, Common Projects‘ sneakers are the epitome of understated luxury. Their ‘Original Achilles’ sneakers are known for their sleek design, fine Italian leather, and signature gold-stamped serial number. These are the shoes that whisper, “Less is more.” If you’re someone who cherishes the beauty of simplicity and believes in the power of subtlety, their ‘Original Achilles’ sneakers are calling out to you.


Balenciaga is a brand for the rule-breakers among us. Their ‘Triple S’ sneakers are anything but ordinary. These are the shoes for those times when we want to make a bold statement without uttering a single word. Step into a pair, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping into your fashion-forward power.

Alexander McQueen

The ‘Oversized Sneaker’ by Alexander McQueen is a white sneaker icon. It features a standout platform sole and a black tab detail at the back, offering a modern twist on the classic white design. These sneakers carry a sense of rebel elegance that’s true to McQueen’s fashion legacy. These sneakers will make you feel like you’re not just part of the fashion conversation, you’re leading it.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s ‘Court Classic’ sneakers offer a nod to vintage sports apparel with a fresh, contemporary twist. Their low-top silhouette, sleek design, and subtle branding make them a perfect choice for those who prefer understated chic. When you wear these, you’re wearing a piece of fashion history with a modern twist. This is a pair that will stand the test of time, much like your impeccable sense of style.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani’s ‘Rockstud Untitled’ sneakers are effortlessly stylish. They incorporate the brand’s iconic pyramid stud detailing, adding a touch of rock’n’roll glam to the classic white sneaker design.


Sustainability meets style in Veja’s sneakers. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, Veja’s white sneakers stand out for their clean design and ecological commitment. Their ‘V-10’ and ‘Esplar’ lines have garnered a strong fanbase, offering a comfortable fit without compromising on style.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, renowned for its red-soled stilettos, also offers an attractive line of white sneakers. Their ‘Vieira Spikes’ model, for instance, features a low-top design, tonal spikes on the toe cap, and the brand’s iconic red sole, making it a glamorous take on the white sneaker trend.


Chloé‘s ‘Lauren’ sneakers reflect the brand’s bohemian spirit and effortless elegance. With scalloped edges and refined gold accents, these sneakers are feminine, versatile, and perfect for those who love a softer aesthetic. Just imagine stepping out on a sunny day, with these beautiful shoes on your feet, and feeling like the world is your runway.

there’s a pair of designer white sneakers out there for each one of us. They’re not just shoes; they’re an extension of our personalities, our moods, and our individual fashion journeys. So, go ahead, pick the one that sings to you and step out in style!

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